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Tue, Jun. 29th, 2004, 04:15 pm

Dearest Sirius,

Now that I have learned that Pettigrew is in fact alive, it has now brought up many questions in my mind. Lily and James must've changed their Secret Keeper...It was a smart move to switch from you, the obvious friend, but why would they put their trust in the timid Peter? Did Voldemort seek out Peter, or did Peter seek out Voldemort? Does he still have connections to the Dark Lord, or is he simply hiding out with the Weasleys? Is Harry in any present jeopardy? Are we? These questions plague me at night and drive away sleep...I apologize for seeming a bit too inquisitive, but you must understand, Sirius, that I'd thought otherwise for twelve years.

Should I take any action, knowing exactly where to find Pettigrew? Should we tell Harry? He has a right to know, Sirius. After all, you are his Godfather. Please give me your advice on any potential action on my part; I do not want to do anything detrimental to anything you have planned. I shall look forward to your reply, friend.